Orthopedic surgery is founded on the principle of prevention. All patients are encouraged to undergo musculoskeletal examinations if their ailment does not acutely resolve on its own.


If you have injured your toe or if the pain has been ongoing it should be investigated further.


Midfoot pain can take on many dimensions, but the critical question that needs to ask is if it’s a recent injury or if it has developed over time.


A Google search for heel pain will likely populate your results with the infamous diagnosis of Plantar Fasciitis. But there can be more and often there is.


Ankle sprains are one of the most common reasons patients visit me. But there can be other ailments such as fractures, tendon pain, Achilles pain and arthritis.

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Paul H Kim MD - Orthopedic Surgeon

Welcome! It’s nice to meet you!

My name is Paul H. Kim, MD and I am a Board CertifiedFellowship Trained orthopedic surgeon who practices orthopedic surgery at California Orthopedics & Spine. Not only do I specialize in foot & ankle surgery but I also practice general orthopedic surgery. As a surgeon I know its not all about surgery: it’s about seeing all patients as distinct individuals and finding the delicate balance of optimal treatment options to get you back to your active lifestyle! My mission is to help my patients accomplish these goals in a painless, compassionate, and efficient way.

In the News…


I was seen by Dr. Kim three weeks after I broke my left radius in a motorcycle accident. I had been getting the run around before that by my primary care provider. I had been in a splint during that time and my wrist was starting to heal in a bad position. I sought out a second opinion. Dr. Kim and the entire staff at Mt Tam Orthopedic realized the urgency inmy situation and were all amazing. They took X-rays of my wrist in the office. They set up pre-surgery appointments for me and had me in surgery within 4 days. He had to essentially rebreak my wrist and remove some broken bone pieces then put it back together. I have a plate in my wrist and 10 screws. When I saw the X-ray after the fact I thought I was going to have some discomfort associated with all the metal in there for the rest of my life.  It’s been five months since I had this procedure. I’m lifting weights again. I have full use and range of motion of my wrist and it’s actually stronger than it was before I had the accident. That is absolutely amazing to me. I earn my living with my hands and I’m so greatful for everyone at Mt. Tam Orthopedics for taking care of me when I needed their help. Thank you so much.

Chris Regalado

It’ been just a week over 6 months since my surgery and my foot feels one hundred percent better then it did prior to Doctor Kim’s surgery! I no longer walk on the side of my foot, so the pain in my knee and ankle is gone. The flexibility has returned to my foot so walking is now comfortable instead of the constant pain I had been feeling. I am very happy that I had the surgery and so glad that Doctor Kim was my surgeon!

Mike P

Paul H. Kim, MD has all the traits that patients, their loved ones who accompany them (and the team that works with them) hope a doctor will have. He was specific, thorough, unrushed and warm in matter as he examined my friend Bob Iles’ injured knee.  He asked questions, described the nature of the injury and described the procedure that would fix it. During the discussion he showed us the X-ray of Bob’s knee and even drew a helpful diagram to illustrate the procedure to be done. Also, after the surgery he was available by phone and email when Bob had questions. As a former journalist who now speaks at healthcare conferences on connective communication I was gratified to find such a skilled, empathic doctor.

Kare A.

I see Dr. Kim regularly for ongoing treatment of a terrible foot injury I sustained in a fall to the beach while kite surfing.   After interviewing the topic orthopedic foot and ankle Dr’s on the west coast, Dr Kim was the only one who proposed a comprehensive treat plan to repair my shattered Talus bone.    Dr. Kim performed major surgery on my foot to repair my talus, and after 7hrs was able to put things right.    All the other Dr’s simply wanted to fuse all my joints and insert a steel rod in my ankle which would have prevented me from playing any sports in the future. Instead Dr Kim spent them time to study my injury and the time to set it correctly.  I owe my ability to walk without pain to Dr. Kim.    His user of stem cell and PRP treatment during surgery is another reason to see him for injuries.  These are proven cutting edge treatments that no other orthopedic Dr. even mentioned let alone discussed or recommended to me.  I can’t recommend Dr Kim highly enough for detailed approach and great bedside and patient manner!   He is a fantastic surgeon who cares deeply about his patients and his patients quality of life.

Gary T.

Dr. Paul Kim is the only treating physician an athlete with injury should have! 18 months ago I was run over by a truck while bike riding my commute into the City.  I suffered a horizontal fracture to my sternum, 3 cracked ribs, a broken arm including wrist issues, a fracture fibula, and had most of the tendons on my left ankle “torn asunder.”  Dr. Kim was remarkable in his analyses of the injuries, treatment recommendations, progressively successful surgeries (3), and referrals – both for physical therapy, and a hand surgeon.  Nearly a year later, I was able to road ride 2,000 miles south along the North American Rocky Mountains, participate regularly in open water swim workouts, and recently began an incremental trail running program on Mt. Tamalpais, which is my passion.  I continue to heal and grow stronger thanks to Dr. Kim.

Bart F.

I skied at Snowbird last week for 6 days straight and 6 to 7 hours per day.  My Achilles tendon felt great every day.  20 weeks after surgery must be one of those magical milestones because I felt like I could have done anything from double blacks to trees to racing.  I skied conservatively, however, because coverage was thin even after a couple of storms, and I didn’t want to test the Achilles vs. rocks, stumps, and buried trees.  Skiing on black diamond runs with deep moguls, and one day in 2 feet of powder, felt completely normal.  The hardest part of each day was taking off my left 20 year old Lange ski boot since both boots fit so tight and are wearing out a little bit. I started running steps during week 19, and started a running program on flat surfaces yesterday.  The Achilles feels better than ever today, so I’m looking forward to my next goal of a 40 minute run on the Mirage Trail in the Rancho Mirage mountains after week 28. Thanks again for doing such a great job repairing my torn Achilles tendon.

California Orthopedics & Spine

Thank you for your interest in my specialty. If you have any questions please feel free to call my office or send me a message using this contact form. I will get back to you as soon as possible. For faster service please call my office at 415-927-5300.

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